With our shutters, you have perfect control over the lighting in your house. You can choose between different types of shutters. The top-mounted shutters darken your room effectively, and at the same time absorb sound and heat. Their slats are made of robust aluminum, and are resistant against mechanical influences. The electric propulsion contributes to the easy and silent operability of the shutters, and, on top of that, increases safety against burglars massively. The shutter box, which is accessed if maintenance needs to be done, is installed above the window and only visible from the inside. You can also order slats that are permeable to air and light even when lowered down.

Those are filled with a special foam (polyurethane foam) that also increases sound and heat protection. Upon request, we can install insect protection with the shutters as well. The front-mounted shutters are installed on the exterior side of the windows, increasing the insulation. The shutter box and the guides are made of extruded aluminum and are available in RAL colors as well as in our basic colors brown and white. The guides are sealed so you can lift and lower the slats silently. Like the top-mounted shutters, the front-mounted shutters are available with special slats that are permeable to air and light even when lowered down, too. As the name suggests, the box of the front-mounted shutters is installed on the outside, in front of the windows.

Front roller shutter
Flush shutter

Insect protection

Insect protection is responsible for keeping out uninvited guests like bugs.

We offer various types of insect protection so you can find the ones that fit your windows and doors.

Fixed system
Sliding system
Roller blind system
Rotatable system

External blinds

With our external blinds, you can regulate the incidence of light in your house continuously. They are installed on the outside of the windows, protecting them from external influences, such as severe heat. You can choose between different types of slats for your blinds.

Profiles, slats, and lateral guides are made of aluminum. The slats are reinforced and available in several colors. Every system can be operated manually with a crank rod as well as electronically with a remote.

External Blind C80 Box 1
External Blind C80 Box 2
External Blind Z90 Box 1
External Blind Z90 Box 2